Monday, December 19, 2011

It's not creepy if it has an "LOL" after it

Oh Pinterest,

Why do you have to enable crazy women?

Oh women of Pinterest,

Don't you know there is no excuse to have a pinboard of 10,000 wedding pictures on it?  Do your creepin in the privacy of your own bedroom, preferably in the company of your cats. 

Don't you know that some of these things you are tagging as "To Do Before I Die" are not that impressive?  I want to be in Paris on New Years someday too, but I don't hold that aspiration on the same level as "Own Every Color of OPI Nail Polish." 

Finally, I'll be honest -- I have pinned some online workouts, since I am easily bored and can never remember where I saw that "10 Ways to Spice Up Your Abs Routine!" article.  So thanks for that. 

But please, could we all put a hiatus on pinning scary skinny-ripped girls as "thinspiration"?  Because I'm sorry, no female gets a six-pack without abandoning all other goals and hobbies in favor of the gym.  It's gross.  And shallow. 

And it really detracts from my admiration of various reading nooks I'd like to build in a house someday.


  1. ugh to the thinspiration posts on pinterest. for the first few weeks, pinterest was so glorious and it sapped my attention and productivity away from other more difficult and fruitful online endeavors (like writing blog posts). i'm sort of over it now, though. everything looks the same!

  2. The overly skinny girls with people's comments about dream body annoy me too. Seriously, when was the last time a guy at any age commented on how he just wanted a girl with a six pack? I check it about once a day, usually when I'm putting off laundry.

  3. The "to do before I die" posts bug me most of all. I can't handle them. Get off the computer and start doing!

    I also love that the people posting "thinspiration" (or however you spell that nonexistent word) are the same ones posting triple cheese enchilada recipes.

  4. "thinspiration"
    I'd probably call it "someone get that chick a double baconator and a large frosty."

  5. i have no idea what pinterest is, but i agree w/everything you said!

  6. I'd like to agree with lots of your comments, but I'm rewarding myself for finishing the semester's grading by eating Pralines 'n Cream ice cream straight out of the container while watching "Up All Night" online, so I'm in no position to judge what anyone else does with their bodies or Internet connections.

    I totally agree about all the reading nooks, though. Love those!

  7. The thinspiration pictures drive me insane, but (and I know this is a potentially insulting opinion to some) I most hate the millions of religious sayings done in vinyl. (Please don't hate me. I don't hate religious PEOPLE, I am annoyed by trite religious sayings, particularly in vinyl.)

  8. Pinterest is the most entertaining/annoying place on earth. I hate thinspiration, especially with dumb sayings like "You sure you want to eat to eat that cookie." Yes I want to eat that cookie, you judgmental hoe.

    Even more than thinspiration, I hate the stupid prints that are about finding love or that real mean always open doors or kiss you goodnight or crap like that.

  9. WORD to the "thinspiration" hate. Especially when they have sayings like, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" plastered across the front. Have they never TASTED brie???


    My problem with Pinterest is that I spend an hour pinning ideas for how to get my house clean and organized and then (wrongly) feel like I've accomplished something.

  10. This is why I avoid Pinterest (other than I already have too many websites to check every single day). The thinspiration crap is disturbing and inappropriate.