Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i like to share my life lessons

Life lesson number 183:

Even though people will tell you aluminum is bad for you, and they are probably right, you shouldn't buy all-natural deodorant.

If hops and honeysuckle were enough to keep you from stinking up the joint, don't you think our forebears would have always used hops and honeysuckle, thereby negating the need for future scientists to invent bad-for-you-chock-full-of-aluminum-deodorant?  Exactly.


The girl who made the mistake of buying Tom's All Natural Deodorant this week


  1. lol! Yeah, I know those things wouldn't work for me at all! Thank goodness for science ;)

  2. LOL! So good to know this! I will steer clear of the all natural deodorant for sure!

  3. oh toms. i've succumbed to the pull of their toothpaste. also, trader joe's shampoo and conditioner, which totes does not work, but i'm used to it now. thanks for the warning to steer clear of the deoderant, as it was clearly the next stop on the granola train i'm riding.

  4. Well, got to give it to you for trying.
    Back to Degree and Secret. Woot!

  5. Truth!
    There are a lot of natural products I'm more than happy to purchase (I have organic or 90 something percent natural body wash, face wash, and shampoo & conditioner), but deodorant is where I draw the line. No way, no how! I <3 aluminum and deodorant/antiperspirant more than ever now that I live in a humid hell-hole. (In the summer)

  6. Seriously!

    I might get all kinds of diseases from the aluminum, but at least I won't smell bad!

  7. I don't know, it works for me. I used to use Secret, but it stained all my white shirts, so on a fluke I tried Toms (made sure it wasn't the one that smells like an armpit naturally, I think mine is lavender), and it works just fine.

    I notice it doesn't work if I haven't shaved in a couple days, though, so I have to actually shave (TMI? Meh), but otherwise, it works just fine. And I'm not in denial, either. My husband, Mr. Won't-tell-a-lie-even-to-spare-my-feelings, would let me know if it wasn't working, lol.

    But I totally understand why someone wouldn't want to use it. I had tried it quite a few years ago and thought it sucked. Not sure why it works for me now...