Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The triumph of Baxter and Ru

Normally I hate people who take pictures of their food.

So for the record, this is not a picture of my delicious scrambled eggs (mmmm, salami and provolone), hashbrowns (mmmm, grease), whole wheat toast and strawberry jam (mmmm, homemade), and Diet RC Cola (RC!  Who sells that anymore?)

This is a picture of my glorious victory over long lines and teeny-tiny, fanatically popular diners.

A lesser woman would have seen an hour and a half wait for Sunday brunch and said, "Bag it.  Let's go to Denny's."

Not I.

I take your long line as a personal challenge, and I will prevail.  

And with the help of my friend Baxter, visiting his parents in Austin, I did.  

Despite the presence of pigeons in the parking lot, which is where the line ended.

(Pigeons really freak me out.)


  1. Pigeons freak me out to. There is something about their giant size, beady eyes and lack of fear that is just creepy.

  2. i like pictures of food, so thank you.