Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swearing: Does a body good

Periodically I start a goal of making Mormon friends.  The fact that I have to renew this goal on a biannual basis should indicate how successful I usually am at these ventures.

Recently some churchsters invited me over for dinner, so I went.  Our host was wearing a wrinkly, undersized shirt, and at one point one of his former roommates remarked, straight-faced, "Do you own an iron, Billy?"

I couldn't help it - I piped up with, "Wow, that is phenomenally ---" (and at this point I realize I can't say bitchy, considering the company, but jeez, is there a synonym for bitchy that will work as well in this context?) ... "girly," I finish lamely.

This, of course, wrecked the joke, and led at least one person to wonder if we were talking about flat irons.


  1. What if THEY all wanted to swear around YOU but were holding back bc they figured YOU were the churchster? I'm just saying, I know from experience that eventually, someone's gotta break the ice. You could well be with a group of closet-swearers and never know it.

  2. Okay I am Mormon but I would be fine with it. I mean, I don't say it, actually a personal choice, not a Churchy choice, but plenty of the more relaxed Mormon, my kinda Mormons, DO, so who cares? It is not like it it the BAD BAD flagrantly awful words. I want to call people that name often, but I chose to decide I wouldn't an even so, often feel like curses, foiled again!

    Like just now when I saw you still have word verification up, I thought it. LOL!

  3. I do it all the time... My friend actually told me if I came over for dinner, I couldn't swear. I was like, umm, I'm busy. If people can't handle a little swearing from an inactive girl who wants to go back to church, they don't get to know me.

  4. If I couldn't swear, my head would probably explode. Maybe this is why I don't normally hang out with Mormon people.