Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tequila (or maybe just life) makes her clothes fall off

I have previously alluded to my inability to perform simple tasks like remaining fully clothed while standing around.  Since I'm not a tease (when it comes to blogging), I am giving you my best Wardrobe Malfunctions: 2002-2009 edition.

May 2002:
I was sitting in my bishop's office for my high school graduation interview.  It's just a friendly chat (Where are you going to college?  Are you excited?  Make sure you sign up for Institute first thing, and don't be a stranger at your home ward!), but at some point the top two buttons of my shirt came undone, leaving me and black lace bra just chilling there.

Yup, I flashed my bishop.

September 2006:
I was getting out of a friend's van in high heels and a knit skirt after church.  My heel caught my hem, I kinda stumbled, and the next thing I knew I was standing in Douglas Street in my underpants.

I believe an elderly couple was in the car behind us.

September 2007:
Fall firm crawl.  I've already spilled a Diet Coke on the carpet in the conference room at Van Cott.  At Ray Quinney, my top two buttons (different shirt) once again betrayed me mid-conversation with an attorney.  Shocking I didn't get a job in Salt Lake, right?

October 2009:
Sitting at work at the Deseret Book.  Have no idea when it happened.  Around two o'clock I glance down and notice (yup) my buttons have come undone.  I've just been chilling at a high traffic area of the corporate office, pulling a JLo.

Buttons are my mortal enemy.


  1. Maybe thats why the Army switched all the buttons to velcro!

  2. ROFL You made my day.

    When I was a junior, I got called out of my U.S. history class to talk to my counselor (I was working to graduate early and start at BYU in January of my senior year). When I returned to class (which was set up in a circle), I slipped my coat off my shoulders on to the back of my seat. Unfortunately almost every single tiny little round button came undone from the pressure. I never moved so fast in my life what with all those boys sitting across from me in the circle.

  3. Donna - haha, that's awesome.