Thursday, October 8, 2009

TMI: The Waiting Game Edition

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Is there a way to induce a 24 hour coma?  Aside from the suggestion in the above picture.  (Hell, come to think of it, I'll consider anything at this point.)

Random annoyance of the week: People who insist they are sure I passed the bar. 

Look, I know you mean well, but some of you don't even know me.  I might be an idiot. 

Even if I'm not an idiot, lots of smart people fail the bar.  It's not like high school, where it's possible for no one to fail.  SOMEONE WILL FAIL.  And every single one of those people who get the "Sorry, Try Again" letter also got into and graduated from an accredited law school.  They were also smart.  They also never failed anything before.  MOM, IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT I NEVER MISSED A QUESTION IN FIRST GRADE, FIRST GRADE WAS TWENTY YEARS AGO!!

[Ahem.  Sorry about that last one.]

And yes, you insisting you knew I would pass will work out very nicely should I pass, but we're both going to feel pretty crappy if things don't turn out that way. 


  1. This annoyed me greatly too. Everyone telling me "oh you'll pass"... So I'll go out of my way to tell everyone what the correct thing to say is: _______ "so how about those Utes/Jazz/sports team of choice"
    That is right, CHANGE THE SUBJECT. The last thing I wanted to think about was the bar. So Ruthanne... how about those utes?

  2. The Utes are doing well, Alex. Eddie Wide and Shaky Simpson are going to pick up the Asiata slack, and I fully expect a win over Colorado State this weekend. The first three wins this season have been sloppy, but you have to chalk that up to an experienced team. Even still, we nearly pulled it off against Oregon on the road. :)