Friday, October 2, 2009

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall

Every year, between August and the end of November, I become totally irrational when it comes to colors. But in a way, it does make my life easier.

At the AT&T store, picking my new phone
Salesguy: So it comes in blue or red, which would you --
Me: Red! Red, please, thanks.

With a friend, at the car dealership
Friend: I don't know, don't red cars get pulled over more often?
Me: (Thinking, "That's true, but what's a few speeding tickets compared to gridiron glory?") Nah, I think that's an urban legend. (Memo to self: Do not admit to Cougar friend why you pushed the red car over the blue.)

At work, on the first rainy day of the year:
Me: (Silently noticing the umbrellas Deseret Book has provided for employees are red and white. Nod with satisfaction.)

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