Thursday, October 15, 2009

While watching Vampire Diaries ...

Text from Echo: Vampire urim and thummim?  So lame.

Text from Me: More like vampire liahona, don't you think?

Text from Echo: Don't like this new direction.  Vicky BUGS.

Text from Me: Maybe the vampire hunters will get her with their magical pocket watch.


  1. I have to be careful what I comment, I live with someone who likes the show... but my statement is... what did you expect? It is another vampire love story made for tv... they don't care about story line, they care about putting attractive, yet annoying people in front of their teenage and hormone driven audience. If that means making a semi-attractive yet very annoying actress a vampire to give her that dark edge and have her remain on the show for all the 16 year old boys to be like "i'd so tap that" then that is what they'll do. Right now some writer is at home crying because when he/she wrote the converted to tv storyline it was actually good then some producer decided it needed more "audience appeal" and thus destroyed it... all the good shows get killed if they don't have "audience appeal." R.I.P. the show that was Reaper.

  2. No worries Alex, and really, I mostly like the show too (even if I only initally started watching because of my junior high love of the books.) I agree, Vicky does do her part in pulling in the teenage boy audience, but that doesn't mean she has to be so ANNOYING. I fear this vampire thing means she's a more permanent character than I had previously feared. I find myself going for snacks whenever she, druggie brother, skeevy football player are on the screen.

    More vampires! More witches! More football! More cheerleading! More gory deaths! And more Caroline, the only funny character other than Damon!

    And fewer teenage love triangles involving emotionally scarred drug addicts. Or if you insist on angst, at least let them also tell jokes and not cry about self-esteem.