Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yo tengo pelo muy imponente*

My mom buys weird stuff. If it's in the discount bin, and it hypothetically has a purpose, my mom will buy it and consider it a good economic decision.

Sometimes, this has really great results. For example, I have a ton of different shades of nail polish.

Sometimes, this has really awful results. No one needs a teddy bear wearing camo and waving an American flag in their living room.

Sometimes, this has unexpected results.

This morning, I ran out of hairspray so I stole some out of my mom's bathroom. I'm not a huge hairspray girl, and usually just use it as a sort of desperate move when I don't know what else to do. But this stuff - despite a sticker saying EXTRA STRENGTH! - was doing nothing for me. I frowned, and figured I should just spray way, way more onto my hair. Surely that will resolve the problem, says I.

It wasn't until I realized my hair was taking on a weird, definitely-not-crunchy-but-almost-kinda-waxy texture that I realized I was using Formula Latina. Which my 100% Scandinavian mother had almost certainly pulled out of the discount bin at the grocery store.

Well done, Mamacita.

* That's mostly how you say it, right?

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