Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I bid you many fond memories of evenings with Netflix

A friend of a friend once pestered me to set him up with somebody.  Since I know about a bazillion brilliant, beautiful single girls, I happily started rattling off a list of Amelia's, Becca's and Chloe's virtues.

At one point in my description of Sally's razor sharp sense of humor, infectious laugh and fantastic blonde hair, he interrupted me.  "She goes to law school with you?"


"I don't really want a girl that's busy."

I stared at him, and suddenly my mental list of brilliant, beautiful girls evaporated as I imagined all of them collectively raising their eyebrows at THAT statement.

Well, today on Facebook I found out that friend-of-a-friend is engaged.  I know, I know, a thousand hearts broke at the thought of that stud off the market, but 'tis too true.  So please, loyal readers, join me in wishing friend-of-a-friend and his not-busy-bride-to-be an exceptionally satisfying life full of blissful staycations.


  1. Yeah, I can see what he means. Doing stuff is such a bummer.

  2. Dude. I'm totally down with being Mr. Mom. As long as the genius girl doesn't look down on me for wanting to stay at home and let her be the bread-winner.

  3. Calvin, you need to spread that info around your singles ward STAT. All the future doctors/lawyers/MBAs/etc. are going to be lining up!

    As for the lovely April, Becca and Chloe, I think we're all are a bit old for you (25-27 range), otherwise I'd pass along your fake contact info. : )