Friday, March 6, 2015

Everything is awesome

I'm luckier than most people, I know. I intended to write this "count my many blessings" post a few days ago, but unforeseen circumstances arose and I thought a public bragathon would be in bad taste.

But I really wanted to share a few things with InternetLand.

Age 30 was pretty great to ol' Ru over here, and I feel I'd be remiss not to acknowledge it.

I finished my most recent book. I got into PitchWars and made a great friend in my mentor, Emily Martin.

AND THEN ... I signed with potentially the coolest agent ever, Maria Vicente.

[There was no silent-screaming-excitement GIF beautiful enough for this moment. Just imagine whatever you consider to be simultaneously the most exciting, the loveliest, and the most Zen, and insert it here.]

[Have you done it?]

[Thank you and namaste. Eeeeeee!]

Seriously, check out her Instagram. She's smart (duh), she loves my book (what?! get outta town...), and she loves cats and books and Buffy and comics, what else is there to know?!

OK, here's a GIF anyway.

That secret news I keep alluding to over and over again? Well, that's still a secret, unfortunately, but I still feel pretty good about it. And someday I might actually be able to tell you all about it!

I think I am both the fox and the girl in this GIF.

I skied several black diamond runs. (Yes, they were at Brighton, a fairly easy ski resort. Yes, I fell down a lot. No, neither of those facts changes my level of smug self-satisfaction.)

I taught a class on descriptive writing at LDS Storymakers. I ran a dirty dash 5K (poorly, but completely). I finished remodeling my kitchen! I had no new fights with my neighbors. I baked several lovely cakes! Spencer is snuggly and happy as always. I was financially responsible (mostly) and if I do say so myself, I'm kind of knocking it out of the park, Secret Day Job-wise too.

Things are not always perfect (understatement alert) but my family is the bomb.

I have really great friends across the board. If I could give them all Leslie Knopeish nicknames, I would, but this post would become absurdly long. So let's leave it at this, friends and family: I COULD JUST HUG ALL YOUR FACES OFF!*


So until next time (hopefully sooner than a month from now), this is Ru, expressing her thanks to the universe and signing off.

This is just because it's adorable.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That is SUCH exciting news!

    And I hope you can share that big secret of yours one of these days!

  2. Congrats on everything!!!

    "If I didn't generally hate physical contact." That's okay, I don't want you to hug my face off, so...