Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov. 5th

NaNo update:

1. Short story number one is moving along swimmingly. I way overshot my writing goals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- which excellent news, since I only wrote 165 words yesterday. (For the record, I have a damn fine excuse. It's just not fit for internet consumption.) If you would like to be my NaNo buddy, add me here.

2. I downloaded some great books, because nothing inspires my writing like being in a reading frame of mind. One of those books was New Adult novel I'd heard great things about in the Twittersphere. I started it late last night and was immediately impressed with the writing. And then ... things took a turn. Book, why you gotta do me this way?

How is this Fifth of November rocking for all of you? Any plans to watch V for Vendetta tonight?

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  1. Glad NaNo is going well for you. I suppose I should probably get started on my novel.