Monday, October 7, 2013

Really, I'm just jealous because I don't know which persona I should be cultivating

Have you heard of online image crafting? It's this phenomenon where people post Facebook statuses and Instagrams designed solely to portray a version of themselves that does not actually exist.

This isn't a new thing--as long as social media has been around online, people have been (consciously or unconsciously) sharing pieces of themselves that are only the most flattering. (At least ... we hope so.)

But as more and more people Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and blog every moment of their lives, the more people start to present not just the best possible versions of themselves, but a does not quite really exist version of themselves.

Cute photos of outfits. Kids doing adorable things. Beautiful meals. Oooey-gooey texts from a loved one. A perfectly neat office. A sweaty-but-still-adorable-nose after a long workout. A sunset with #nofilter, because if the sun sets without someone Instagramming it, was it really enjoyed?


This is a long post just to explain why I will never put anything online about loving the gym* or General Conference.** NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

* Oh, the gym. How I hate the gym. It would be such a filthy lie if I ever said otherwise. It's weird to me that once upon a time, I really did love to run, because ever since I turned 19, I despise physical activity. If I were to Instagram myself working out, all you guys would see is a sweaty, resentful, uncoordinated, still-fairly-chubby girl in a free credit union t-shirt.

** This is like church on cocaine for non-Momos. I physically cannot roll my eyes hard enough at people who feel the need to Facebook about how much they love General Conference.

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