Friday, October 18, 2013

Never (Again)

Today Theresa Paolo's debut novel Never (Again) comes out and she's hosting a blog hop to celebrate. I have wanted to read Never (Again) ever since I heard about it, so I hope you will too!

So is there anything you have ever vowed you'd never do again, only to find yourself ... doing it again?

1. Well, clearly I repeatedly sign up for blog hops and then post a few days late. (Sorry, Theresa! Everyone, still read her book!)

2. I am addicted to gossip websites. I read Perez Hilton daily in law school and now I've moved on to Dlisted. I love trashy magazines and if I weren't too cheap I'd probably buy them every time I went to the grocery store.

Periodically I remember this habit is trashy and gross, but at the end of the day I find nothing more relaxing that sleaze.

3. Dating websites. Oh, dating websites. I know I have never had success on you (every guy I've ever dated was someone I met in real life, not InternetLand), but when faced with the prospect of living the rest of my life surrounded by people who are either already coupled-up or gay (meaning I will never meet another straight, single man my age for the foreseeable future), I get desperate and sign up for yet another dating website.

On my most recent blind date excursion, I ran into my boss, my date "forgot his wallet," and then he asked if we could walk around Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a little bit. Apparently he needed a new toilet scrubber and wanted to check out his options.

So, dear readers, any awkward habits you'd like to confess? No? Well then, I think the only thing to do at this point is go read Theresa's book!


  1. It seems weird to check out your options for toilet scrubbers... Is that something I should read reviews about?

    I have vowed to never tell a specific friend the actual time I want her to do something, but then I'm afraid she'll arrive 30 minutes early... but then every time I wait at least 30 minutes. Does that count?

  2. what a diseaster date! geesh!! i grew up reading national enquirer and globe because my mom is hooked on those magazines! too funny. nice to meet you from the bloghop! newest follower, hi!

  3. I never got the chance to use a dating website. Not sure if that's good or bad. :) When I was of the 'normal' marrying age, most people wouldn't have admitted to using a dating website. But now they're more mainstream, maybe thanks to all the E-Harmony commercials.

    I think it'd be fun to go check them out sometime, see what kinda match they come up with, but
    1.) that's probably not fair to the others who are seriously looking and
    2.) my husband might not appreciate it either. :)

  4. I'm addicted to gossip websites too! Perez, TMZ, Radaronline, Just Jared, I love them all! I know more about celebrities than I should admit! But I have never heard of Dlisted. I need to go check that out :)

    That date deserves a scene in a book! That is so bad it's funny!!!

    Thanks for joining the hop!