Friday, July 26, 2013

Gotta be honest, you're not charring my tree*

Little known fact to the rest of the western world: Utah celebrates "Pioneer Day," the anniversary of Mormon settlers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, on the 24th of July.

Which means this last week, I had a day off in the middle of the week. Which kind of made Tuesday feel like a Friday and yesterday feel like a Monday--all in all, not a great combination.

I thought I would accomplish a lot this week. But alas, aside from baking a pie, nothing on my to-do-list got now-done'd.

Sometimes I feel like it's a good thing when you don't get anything done. I have long subscribed to the day-dreamer school of thought. Basically, when I find my mind wandering, I let it wander. When I finally arrive back on topic, I'm usually a lot more focused. (I'm sure there is some pop psychology out there somewhere to back this up, but I'm too lazy to google it.)

So when I'm lawyerin, and feel the urge to search the web or stare out my window, I do. And more often than not, within about fifteen minutes, I realize what it was that I needed to figure out.

This method works less well when it comes to writing--though there is still some value to it.

But this week, my lack of progress on any front didn't feel so much like a mental cleanser as it did like a roofie circle. (NAME THE REFERENCE!)*

Oh well. Onward and upward, right? Time to find the moment where the drop hits the pond!*

* Hint: it's all the same reference.


  1. A roofie circle sounds like the problem of someone with a large supply of Forget-Me-Nows.