Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Won't you be my neighbor? Part 2

A day after I received the certified letter from the city, Hannah and I were out working on the yard. One of our few Good Neighbors (TM -- trademarked because they are so very rare) popped over to explain, apologetically, that he had seen a car with a city seal taking pictures of the yard, and did we want any help? We said we were good, but thanks.

In order to offset the bad karma we were about to receive by unleashing dog urine on Bad Neighbor's parking strip, and parking in front of her house whenever possible (yes, INCLUDING when spots closer to our own house are available), I decided that we should probably bake Good Neighbor some cookies.

Sunday night, around 8:30pm, Diego and I walked Spencer over to Good Neighbor's house and rang the doorbell. Spence was off-leash, as I am trying to teach him (in small doses) that he is to stand by me on walks and not run off after every butterfly that catches his eye.

After waiting a few minutes, we decided they must not be home, so we turned back. As we reached the sidewalk, the door opened to reveal Mr. Good Neighbor standing there in his robe.

"Oh hey, I brought you cookies to thank you for ... ya know, being so nice and everything," I blurted out, running back up the steps and shoving the plate of cookies at him. "Sorry to wake you!"

(Here's where my brain automatically wanted to add ... Or interrupt you. Rawr. Because, come on, it was 8:30pm.)

"Oh, umm, thanks," he replied, seeming very uncomfortable. I don't know if it was the robe, but he was definitely not glad to see me and Diego standing there.

So of course Spencer chose that moment to run into the neighbor's house.

I froze, looking at Mr. Good Neighbor. He looked at me. And then I made a split-second decision, and perhaps it was not the right decision.

I followed Spencer into the house, hissing, "Spencer!" as loudly as I could--because for all I knew, Mrs. Good Neighbor was inside sleeping.

Of course he didn't listen to me. A new environment is like puppy crack -- so many smells! The dog who normally would have run over to me if I'd raised my eyebrows in our house was waaaaaay too busy investigating Casa De Good Neighbor.

After running through three different rooms (and yes, my panic grew larger every time I crossed another threshold, I finally caught Spencer and we ran out of the house as quickly as we could. Mr. Good Neighbor waved half-heartedly as Diego and I quick-stepped it back to our house.

The worst part of the story is coming up in Part 3: Ru realizes Mean Neighbor might be innocent ... but hey, still kinda mean.

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