Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book thoughts?

I got a Kindle gift card a few days ago, and I'm having a terrible time deciding what I want to buy.

Gone Girl?

Silver Linings Playbook?

Code Name Verity?

Help, friends!


  1. Gone Girl is a VERY polarizing book. You, apparently, either love it or hate it. So, I wouldn't go with that one, personally.

  2. I HATED Gone Girl, so I'm going to recommend not that.

  3. I liked Silver Linings Playbook. I'm also currently reading PS I Love You and it's really good.

  4. Don't buy anything yet. Get the sample chapters, and THEN decide.

    Btw, did you know that you may be able to get Kindle books from your library, FREE? I'm in LA, so our selection is extensive - and sometimes there is a long waiting list, but other times, not. Get a library card, then browse the site and "order" you books. Delivered to your Kindle next time it's online, and it disappears when it's "due back."

    I like this because I have been frustrated with some of the choices by my reading group, and if I'm stuck with a bad book I can't finish, would rather it's not something I *paid* for.

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  6. I agree with Beverly, read sample chapters then decide where to spend your money.