Monday, March 4, 2013

A light at the end of the tunnel

My busy season at work is, ever-so-slowly, wrapping up over the next few weeks, and I am looking forward to my next big project: 30 before 30.

I have a few goals that are tumbling around my brain (Get an agent/publishing contract/or self-publish by 30? Go out of the country? Redo my kitchen? Run a 10K? Ski a black diamond run without falling?) and I'd like to hear what some of you did/would do to commemorate your last year of your 20s. I need suggestions, friends, so lay them on me!


  1. I really wanted to be Anna Kendrick's best friend. Didn't happen.

    I did however learn to play the ukulele, ski, row crew, work in Washington DC, run for political office (win one, lost several), learned to tend bar and cook and own a seersucker suit. So, I feel pretty good about my 20s.

  2. Oooo... I like that learn to tend bar.
    Mine was going to be plant a tree. But that sounds lame.

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  4. My goal was to visit all 50 states before I turned 30. I finished at 28. After that, my goal was simply to do things each year that I'd never done before - be it skiing, visiting a new country, or working on a new project.