Thursday, March 21, 2013

The CAPTCHA goes back on

Sorry, spammers, but I am so over all of you A-holes.


  1. Have you tried changing your settings so that you anonymous users can no longer post? I have found that if you remove that option the spam just magically melts away!

    Just saying this because I am dyslexic and I find conventional CAPTCHA insanely hard to read. I have started using some great new software called rumola ( which reads and fills in CAPTCHAs for me but, I know lots of people who have CAPTCHA reading difficulties don't have any software!

    Ps. What sort of spam are you getting atm? Mine used to be varied but it is all weight loss pills atm, wtf?

    1. OK, I'll try that instead. Thanks for the tip!

      I used to get just a handful, but in the last week, I probably get 10-15 spammers a day, all on different topics. I never click over to their links to find out what they're about, but it seems like a lot of weight loss and erectile dysfunction.

  2. I wa getting crazy amounts of spam too, and I switched my settings to stop scripting anonymous posts. I still get spam, but not nearly as much.

  3. Even with the Intense Debate, I still get emails that they are TRYING. They don't, actually, get to POST, but I am having to delete anywhere from 20-100 pieces of spam love a day from my inbox. Infuriating.

  4. I feel like its gotten worse lately too... hmmm...