Monday, October 22, 2012

The debate

No, not all those debates.

The internal debate you have when you're trying to choose between shelving a project and (gasp...) self-publishing it.

I've had this internal debate before and have yet to come up with a reasonable solution. At the moment, it looks like I'll continue postponing the decision (which, in essence, means shelving) for a few months at least as my Grown Up Work starts getting more and more hectic.

The fact is, the more time I spend polishing Projecto Originale, entering contests, querying agents and small publishers, the less time I spend writing new things. And if, in the end, it all comes down to vague enthusiasm paired with "not right for me/us," then that's a lot of time to waste on something that simply isn't going anywhere in the traditional route.

Choice, choices.

PS: This October hasn't really been my best month for blogging, has it? I apologize. My brain is mostly thinking about work and politics, neither of which I really want to write about here.

What I'm up to:

1. Finishing the revisions on my new project, cleverly acroynymed JRgtC.

2. Plotting my NaNoWriMo project. (Hey! Are you all doing NaNoWriMo? Leave a comment with your username, por favor, if you would like me to find you so we can be internet friends and a whole other level.)

1 comment:

  1. definitely a toughie considering how self-pub is starting to really take off. I'm going to exhaust the querying process before tinkering with the idea. You have to do so much self promotion with self publishing and you're pretty much in it all alone, which kind of scares me, but others have done it and succeeded. It's a very personal decision.