Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Politics. Oh, politics.

PS: If you want some dime store political advice from your friendly neighborhood Lawyer Girl, here it is: Congress, not the President, has the greatest impact on economic policy and social issues, if those are your bag. And when was the last time our current batch of incumbents voted to reduce spending, reform the tax code, or do anything other than engage in meaningless (and extremely offensive) grudge matches over the definition of "legitimate rape"?

That's right. Congress has not passed a substantive law in nearly a year. They've approved things and reauthorized things, but that's it. The last time Congress proposed a budget (and it was technically a FAKE BUDGET) it was April TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.

To put that in perspective, since that time I've graduated from law school, taken two bar exams, gotten a passport, moved three times, had three different jobs, bought a house, bought a dog, built a patio, visited three national parks, and posted on this here blog 770 times. Three of my friends got married, nine of them had babies, six more moved away, and I couldn't even begin to figure out how many others graduated from college or grad school.

What have you done with the last three years and six months? I bet it's a lot.

Consider that when you're voting.


  1. It's ridiculous how much they haven't done. They should be paid according to how much they actually get done instead of salary, would be much more fair. And that extra money can go to people who actually need it.

  2. You're 100% right, and it's tragic how few people understand the President's limited power. Congress is where things need to get done, and hopefully whatever new batch of senators and reps we have can actually balance a budget and pass some laws that will make changes.

  3. You've gone viral with my FB friends. They all think this is great!

  4. This. Is Awesome. And what so much of this country is not understanding when they go to the polls.

    Congressional reform is what is really needed, this country will never survive without it.