Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Roommate's To Do List for Ru

Today I logged onto my computer and found a sticky document labeled "TO DO LIST."

Except, I'm pretty sure I didn't write it.

To Do List
1. Meet a hot, older, financially stable Mormon dude who loves TV.

2. Find a pocket pig that can peacefully co-exist with Spencer and Charlie.

3. Write an award-winning novel.

4. Ask for -- nay, DEMAND a raise.

5. Tell Diego to go on a Diet Coke run.

(Given number 5, I suspect this was Hannah's list for me.)


  1. oh i love you two!!! speaking of..... i am hoping that you have a bbq, party, or any type of get together that i will be able to attend now that i am 18 days until SUMMER!!!!!!! :)
    ps. i agree with hannahs list. especially the #1 to- do :) miss you ladies

  2. I like #4 ... mostly because she used the word "nay." =)

  3. Ha! Get your raise then get your man. I'm rooting for you!

  4. How cute! How did I miss you Ru? I need to make a to do list not to do that again (if that makes any sense).

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