Friday, May 18, 2012


So I watch Grey's Anatomy. (Hata's gonna hate.)

I know it's kind of terrible. I know it should have ended a few years ago. But when I am doing laundry or cleaning or just vegging out, it is the perfect distraction -- not to mention, I cry at the drop of a hat whenever an old person dies, and I like to think that occasional ugly cry is good for your skin.

But I may be over it after last night.

Not just that (spoiler alert) Lexie died, but the fact that there was a plane crash in general. On Grey's Anatomy. (I kept waiting for a golden lab to run up to them or for Meredith and Christina to find a hatch when they were looking for Derek.)

At this rate, the good doctors of Seattle Grace have survived a ferry crash, a bomb scare, a mad gunman, TWO bus crashes, an ambulance crash, ghosts, and that syphilis outbreak from way back in season 1. (Memories.)

The only way for this show to go out now is in the middle of a nuclear war, agreed? And, let's say, a Snow Patrol song.

Which leads me to wonder how some of my other favorite (and not-so-favorite) shows will go down.

Revenge ends with Emily exacting all her RUHVENGE!, laughing maniacally in her beach house, dying of her injuries, and then being reunited with Sammy the Wonderdog in heaven.

The Vampire Diaries ends with Stefan and Damon in a diner, Damon throwing back a shot, and a cut to black. We are all left to assume that the Council and/or Originals and/or Katherine killed them and message boards across the internet explode with nerd fury.

The Killing ends with Rosie Larsen being alive! The entire show was a red herring!

Community clearly ends in a snowglobe.

The fetus in Lori's womb miscarries, turns into a zombie, kills Lori (yay!) who then kills everyone (sad!) on The Walking Dead.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, I hope you enjoy this:

How do you think some shows will end?


  1. All I can say is, The Vampire Diaries better not end that way! I actually stopped watching Grey when George was killed off. And that Walking Dead intro is hilarious!!

    Great post.

  2. Yep, Grey's was awful. According to Grey's, surgery must be the most dangerous profession in the world - take that Dangerous Catch. There have been times in past seasons where I have excused the ridiculousness of the situation was because the writing was so good (the shooting episode - was pretty darn good drama in my book). But then it just gets to much - like when a flower delivery van crashed into the ER on valentines day, really?!? After a while it stops being interesting and just gets boring.

  3. Grey's is so bad, and I hate myself for watching it, but I do, and I probably still will. It is way, way too much. Its secret subtitle is "The Unluckiest Doctors in the World." I think that Shonda Rhimes has horrible instincts when it comes to choosing which characters to kill off. (I.e., do not kill your most charismatic, comically gifted, and non-annoying female lead.)

    Season 9, I plan to watch with the hope that McDreamy will finally leave. Gooooo crushed hand!

    Would it be wrong to make a Team Crushed Hand t-shirt? Probably it would.

  4. oh my gosh you nailed all my favorite shows endings. now can we just all agree to find SOME way to end the craphole that is american idol? and eventually when i'm bored of it the bachelor/bachelorette series?

  5. That Walking Dead intro was Perfect. :) And of COURSE Community will end in a snow Globe. sigh. The best shows never make it.

    FYI. I sent you an award because I enjoy your blog so much. No obligations. :) just wanted to show my appreciation!

    Thank you!

    Saffron Wine

  6. That 'Walking Dead' alternate intro just made my day!

    I'm gonna go ahead and say that 'How I Met Your Mother' will end with the dad (Bob Saget's voice) admitting that he never actually was able to seal the deal with anyone, and the kids on the couch will just vanish away like Marty McFly's family in 'Back to the Future'. Meet her and/or let us move on to other shows already, HIMYM!

  7. Though I like your 'revenge' ending I really kinda hope that Emily/Amanda and Nolan kill them all and rule the Hamptons...haha. I mean I only seem to watch this show because of Nolan...
    good post, though...I mostly wish that they'd pick my endings which always seem to be so much cooler. ;)

  8. Haha. This is tooo funny. The only shows on TV that I care about their endings are NCIS and Bones. NCIS-Gibbs will finally retire and both Ziva/Tony, Abby/McGee with get it on finally. Bones-Who knows.

    I have been a on again off again Grey's watcher. It sucks they killed Lexie, I really liked her. But I haven't watched at all this season, so oh well.

  9. I quit watching Grey's Anatomy years ago. It's not that I stopped loving it. It's just that I wanted to work on my WIP more. I feel sorry for those poor people. Talk about a stressful life. As if being a physician isn't stressful enough, now they have to worry about being bombed etc.

    ROFL about Vampire Diaries. That's another show I stopped watching a few years ago. I love Criminal Minds. My prediction is a serial killer will murder the team members. It's not like one hasn't already tried. :D

    1. Jenny and Stina - that's too shoutouts for shows like NCIS, Bones, and Criminal Minds. Apparently I need to add some procedurals to the lineup.