Friday, August 28, 2015

Writing updates: how I write a book

Deadlines and goals -- they really work! (Who knew, right?)

In the last two weeks, thanks to making a deal with Sarah that we exchange new words every Saturday, I have written more on my WIP than I have all summer.

For me, one of the hardest things about writing is always starting to write. I have major indecision factor. (You should see me at Baskin and Robbins.) I don't know which project to pick. I don't know where it should start. I've usually got an idea about who my main character is and what he or she wants, but their flaws are always harder to find. Wait, what if that other idea was the better choice? Better go back to that project ...

To date, I've written three books and started countless others (I hope to finish you someday, other projects...) And yet somehow, it still seems to take me awhile to remember that the process always ends the same:

You just have to start writing, and then keep writing, and then write some more. Because you probably did start in the wrong place and give your character lame flaws (oooh, she mispronounces words!) but the only way to figure out the right place and better flaws and cleverer twists and lovelier description is to have roughly 50,000 adequate words you can share with a critique partner and say, "So what do you think?"

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