Monday, August 31, 2015

the long game

Writing for publication is a rough business. There's the indecision and self-doubt while you're drafting and editing. The rejection as you try to first find an agent, then a publisher. And then if you are lucky enough to get published, you just can't control whether your book sells well or not--which may affect your prospects for getting a second book published.

I am in the middle of that long process now. I've got an agent and I'm hoping for the best for The Girls of March. And once upon a time, before I had an agent, I was hoping for the best for Breaking Up, Falling in Love, and Other Chemical Reactions (previously known around here as Jayma Rodgers Goes To College, since I am such a FABULOUS titler). A little-bitty part of me is still hoping for the best for my little New Adult friends, to be honest.

But while I am hoping for the best, I've got to keep going--because publishing is a long game. Because I may not have a lot of control over this process, I can control my next step.

So I'm making new fictional friends and working on new projects and generally keeping busy. Outlining ideas and doing some free writing. Because someday, I might get a chance to submit a second novel--so daydreaming about the first one just won't do.

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