Friday, September 13, 2013


Oh bloggers.

Bless your narcissistic, sensitive little hearts.

(Wait, RuthAnne -- aren't you a blogger? Well, yeah, in the sense that I do sometimes blog. But my profession is lawyer-aspiring author-amateur whiner, and I happen to blog. See the difference between me and someone who gets their dolla dolla bills ya'll from producing Internet vomit?)

There are a few bloggers I read on the regular because I think they are really talented writers. There are a few I read because I can't tear my eyes away. Either way, my page clicks contribute to their financial well-being.

Which is why it is so terribly disappointing when they start in on a self-pity spiral.

Bloggers, for better or worse, you are also writers. And writers are subject to criticism for their writing. I know you feel like it's more personal when it's directed at you, because you post (cough cough inappropriate cough) details about your personal lives on your blogs. At the end of the day, though, your blog is a product. And people who don't care for your product cannot be blamed any more than the people who don't like lefty scissors or universal remote controls.

When people take the time to criticize something you produce, you have one of two choices. First, you can ignore all the criticism. This is not a terrible strategy, if you are able to also ignore all the compliments. If you live in an echo-chamber of you're so awesome OMG I wish I knew what brand of toilet paper you used so I could wipe just like you wipe!, then you soon will become a Douchebag of the Highest Order--the Manticore Douchebag.

Alternatively, you can choose to examine the criticism and sort it into piles of valid and invalid. This requires both thick skin and a serious amount of self-reflection, but if you can do it, it will make you a better writer. I PROMISE. No one but trolls take any significant amount of time detailing their complaints about something unless their complaints are, on some level, based on reality. And once you understand those complaints, you can still disregard them, but you are then free to be more conscious about your decisions moving forward.

Any questions? No? Good.


  1. "Douchebag of the Highest Order--the Manticore Douchebag"

    Best faux order name ever. And I agree.

  2. Wait, people are criticizing things on the Internet? When did this start?