Monday, May 13, 2013

Disappointed, impressed

Today I am sleepy, internet. And when I am sleepy, it can be hard for me to focus. So although I have many (many, many) things to do, all I can think about is sprawling out on the couch for an hour to watch TV.

These days I am sadly disappointed with The Vampire Diaries. What happened to you, TV show? Why are your characters behaving so strangely? (And by strangely, I mean in the EXACT OPPOSITE way than they used to, or ought to?)

Take Damon. One year ago he was lamenting his lost humanity and admitting that most of his bad behavior stems from his depression over being a vampire. But when give the chance this year to become human again, he claims it is the last thing he'd want. Okaaaay.

Or Klaus and how everyone reacts toward Klaus. What I don't get is how trying to kill Klaus is forgivable (cough cough, Tyler) but Klaus wanting to not-be-killed seems so unreasonable (cough couch Caroline).

Also, wasn't Klaus an evil mastermind? Why is he suddenly so petty? And if he's got such a great appreciation for art and culture and food, why is he STILL hanging out in stupid Mystic Falls? (I know, I know. To set up the spin-off. Sigh.)

At least Bonnie is consistent. Consistently bland. (Zing!)

At least am constantly delighted by Game of Thrones. Go watch it, everyone!


  1. YES, YES, and YES to everything in this post. I was an avid watcher of TVD for the first three seasons. And then... I have no idea what happened. Were new writers hired? Game of Thrones is an amazing replacement.

  2. Never could get into the Vampire Diaries. Maybe that's a good thing.

  3. Yeah, after watching avidly for the first 3 seasons, I lost interest about halfway through this one. I liked what they were doing with Rebekah, but Damon lost his edge and Klaus kept acting weird and there was entirely too little Katharine.

    I plan on trying the spin-off. It worked for Angel, right?

  4. Kelsey, Lauren - I'm glad I'm not the only one! Seriously, what is wrong with this season?

    Karen - the first three seasons were actually really good. Just watch them and then pretend it was unjustly canceled after the third season finale ;)