Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's not the size of the election that matters

So remember that one time when I said a valid choice in a presidential race is to not vote?

I stand by that.

However, it only applies to PRESIDENTIAL races. If you find both choices equally unpalatable and can't find a single thing to distinguish them, don't say you're an undecided voter. Just decline to vote for president.

But no one will know that you declined to vote for president if you don't bother voting for anything.*

Here is why you should still vote, even if you don't want to vote for president:

 1. It does make a statement if 5,000 ballots are cast, but then the numbers voting for president only add up to 4,999. It does not make a statement if you decide to spend the day at home eating Coco Puffs.

Call it silent dissent in a broken system all you want, it's actually just laziness.

2. There are these other races for things called "not being president." Like members of Congress and your local legislature. Judges. School board. Governor. Attorney general. Treasurers and auditors, mayor and city councilors. And they are all PEOPLE, just like you and me.

Here in Salt Lake, there is a proposition about open trails and and two potential amendments to the Utah Constitution dealing with property tax and members of the military, and severance tax investment.

If you think that by not caring about ANY of that, you're making a statement about our "divisive" system, let me tell you -- you are just as divisive as anyone else, because you REFUSE TO find out that there are a lot of local or nonpartisan issues out there that could really use some support or criticism. Because even just showing up to say, "Yes, I support Leslie Knope for city council and I support Ron Swanson for auditor,"** and leaving everything else BLANK is more meaningful than doing nothing.

So if you really aren't going to vote today, enjoy those Coco Puffs.

I hope they taste like apathy and sadness.

* Not true, clearly, because you will most likely brag about your enlightened choice on the twitterbooks.

** Umm, clearly this is a nonpartisan blog, because not only are those fictional characters, but they are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum.


  1. Agreed. When I was living in Denmark, they had an election and one of my friends went to the trouble of getting a mail-in ballot, and sending it in largely blank as a protest of the candidates he didn't like. How else are they going to know you didn't vote out of protest instead of laziness?

    1. Yes! This is exactly what I am talking about.

  2. I'd vote for Ron Swanson in a heartbeat.

  3. We had 3 questions on the ballot.

    The right to repair (it has to do with small business VS major car dealerships)

    Legalizing medical marijuana (Hello tax revenue)

    And Doctor assisted suicide. (While worded badly, a REALLY important law if you've ever watched someone die of cancer and the like)

    Those 3 questions will effect my life more in the next 5 years than who ever wins the presidency. So, yes... I voted. And Yes, I left some positions blank.

  4. My first time voting (I sadly didn’t get registered early enough last year…) And I had the amazing feeling that I was helping make history. Seriously, if you can vote, then it’s crazy not to…

  5. I gave a speech in a public speaking class years ago about this exact thing.

    Submitting a blank ballot is far more of a statement than giving excuses for staying home.

  6. I'd love to see those election results. Talk about bipartisan gridlock!

    Question: A year or two ago, you linked to a post by a literary agency on that had a couple dozen suggestions for elements that need to be present in a breakout novel. (At least, I think it was you.) You commented that you wouldn't use all of the elements, but would use some.

    Well, I'm totally gridlocked on Nano right now, and I think that list might have some good springboards on it, but I can't find it. I've googled for about half an hour, and I've searched your blog, but I can't find it. Do you happen to remember what it was?

    1. Oh no, I don't think that was me! I posted once about the hero's journey archetype, was that it?

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