Monday, August 13, 2012

writing update

I have returned from the Great Work Conference and I have much to share! And almost none of it is about work!

One, I will attempt to figure out this Write On Con nonsense at some point this evening. If anyone has any tips they'd like to share, I'd like to get them, because I suspect I will be sort of overwhelmed by the soup I plan to make for dinner. (In my defense, it sounds really complicated.)

Two, I came up with a new idea that makes me a little giddy. I don't really usually share that sort of thing, but I consider this one a good sign.

Three, I've decided that when I finish JRgtC (see that little progress bar there? yes, over there, up and to the right ... you've got it) I will reward myself with something awesome. I'm thinking ... a dishwasher. Or an iPad. Although I think the roommates might smother me in my sleep if I choose iPad over dishwasher ...

Four, I would love to expand my group of critique partners. So here's the deal. If you would like a critique partner with a pretty solid grasp of grammar, story structure, characterization, and a lawyer-level degree of scrutiny for plot holes, I am your gal. I love mysteries, horror, YA, contemporary, historical, romance, and can be persuaded to like just about anything else if it's well-written. In exchange, you have to (sometimes) read what I write. (I am a much faster critiquer than writer, so the balance is tipped in your favor.)

If you need more details, I plan to blog tomorrow about my theory of critiquing. And yes, it's going to as pretentious as I just made it sound. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!

Picture of the day: Please, step into my office.


  1. Have fun with WriteOnCon. It's a great resource of information.

    I sent you an email.

    1. Sweet! I'll get back to you this afternoon. :)

  2. Write on Con is fairly easy to follow once you familiarize yourself with the overall layout. I would suggest logging into the forums tonight (after your soup!) to get your login established -- if you haven't already -- and just browse the forums. People have been posting their sample queries, first 250 words etc for the past few weeks for peer critique. That's the majority of the topic threads. There are special posts that are for hosted forum events which are the agent judged stuff and Q & As. Really, if you're able to read and follow directions, it's pretty straight-forward.

    If you miss anything, the info is archived and you can come back to it whenever. You only miss out on a few live events that might close out, like a chat or something.