Monday, March 5, 2012

Ru's talking about feminism. It's a Monday.

Once upon a time I wrote that a fundamental level, real feminists support the legal and social equality of men and women -- and this means supporting women who want the freedom to stay at home with their kids as well as the ones who want to work.  (Oh, SAHM v. all-other-kinds-of-moms ... will you all ever lay down your arms?)

Anyway, since I'm persnickety (don't you think it would be cuter if it were spelled "persnikity"?), I now have a caveat. Allow me to illustrate ...

Random lady: I know the feminists won't like it, but I love cooking.

Me: Um, feminists can like cooking.

Random lady: Oh, and I love babies. Don't tell the feminists!

Me: What are you talking about? To my knowledge, "the feminists," as you're calling them, have never taken a baby-hating position.

(etc. etc. etc.)

So here's the new caveat.

If you think you know what feminists think, and you're just delighted with yourself for screwing with us ("Squee! The feminists will hate this!"), then fine. I officially no longer give a crap about your legal or social equality. Kthxbye.


  1. Hah!
    I know I shouldn't feel good about this, but I so do. I'm also over people pulling the "feminists are so [insert "negative" thing here]," I should just ignore it so I don't get pissed.
    Except if they say feminists all have hairy armpits. Come on! I have to rebut that one. That's more important to get away from than the myth that all feminists are lesbians.

  2. "The feminists"??


    Hmmm...I wonder if "generalize much" might mean anything to the person quick to say "The feminists (make up something mean and ugly)".

  3. Someone needs to tell this woman what a feminist is and ISN'T. *shaking head*

  4. That makes me laugh. I, too, have heard women say things like that. So silly. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, but have my master's degree in English and Women's Studies. People are always shocked when they found out I have four kids, am mormon, and majored in Women's studies. As if the things are so diametrically opposed.

  5. I pretty much feel that way about anyone who thinks they know what anyone else is thinking or feeling.