Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Buddy

One of the things I will miss most about living in Utah will be the opportunity to be someone's big sister.

No, I'm not talking about Echo, Charlie and Alpha.  Those three haven't let me big-sister them for years.  I'm talking about Diego.

Sure, Diego is technically older and quite a bit taller than I am, and he would beat me any day of the week playing "Never Have I Ever" (indicating that his life experience far exceeds my own), but Diego indulges my need to mother hen.  How are you feeling?  Are they being nice to you at work?  Who are you dating? I don't like the sound of that one.  Enjoying bar class?  Saving money?

And in return, Diego big brothers me back--you're going to do fine in Phoenix; I'm not sure that guy is treating you nicely enough; no, you don't look fat.  (Even though he's fibbing on that one, it's still nice to hear.  Scales don't lie, bitches.)

Of course these co-dependent conversations can still take place over Facebook, text, phone, email and IM (bless you, 21st Century, bless you), but it's not the same as chatting over the wall of the changing room at Express.

Without Diego--and all my friends like him--the cycle of neediness will go unfed.  Maybe that will make me a more mature adult, but I'm not entirely sure it will make me a happier one.

PS: Ryan claims that no one in the 80s bought "My Buddy."  According to him, girls all wanted "Kid Sister," and boys wouldn't play with dolls.  When I told him I had a "My Buddy," he says he's fairly certain that was the only one sold in the United States.  So if you, like me, gentle readers, had a My Buddy, please let me know, so I can shove it in Ryan's face.  :)


  1. I think Ryan may be right on this one...

  2. PS - The weird thing is, the more I try to change names to protect the innocent, the more I implicate other people ... the "Ryan" referenced above is not Ryan my friend, but another R-named person ... damn it, I've got to come up with more R-names ...