Saturday, May 16, 2015

the best date

Last week, Gentleman Caller came over to make me dinner. We realized, though, that his recipe was going to take an hour and a half, so we put all of his groceries in the fridge and walked up to the Middle Eastern restaurant by my house. It was raining so we crowded under one umbrella.

The restaurant was awesome, as always, and filled with golden light. Luckily we were able to be seated right away, even though we didn't have reservations. Afterward, we tried to stop at the bookstore on the way back to the house, but it was already closed. We decided to come back the next day and buy two books -- one for me, one for him, and then we'd swap once we were both done reading.

We went back to my house and watched World War Z with Spencer on the couch.

Oh, and one other thing.

Between Gentleman Caller coming over to my house, and us realizing we were too hungry for a home cooked dinner?

He proposed.

So that was the best date ever.