Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A serious (series of) question(s) for the peanut gallery

What do you guys think of New Adult? (Honestly.)

I have written about what I think New Adult means here, some of my concerns about the category here, and why (despite those concerns) I am still interested in writing New Adult here.

But now I'm curious from you, dear friends ...

Do you guys read New Adult? Is it something that interests you? What are your thoughts and feelings about it, good and bad?

And for those of you who read LDS fiction ... do you think there's room in the LDS fiction genre for New Adult?

Here's why I ask. LDS fiction is chock-full of stories about college-aged and recently post-college kids, but in my experience, those "kids" behave very much like adults (they have a vision for their future, they are usually looking to settle down, etc.) In general, they just feature more mature, more established characters than the typical New Adult novel. I've read a few books by authors like Krista Lynne Jensen (I'm thinking The Orchard) and Melanie Jacobson (The List) that I think meet many New Adult markers ... but I would hesitate to call them New Adult, and I'm not totally sure why.

Given that New Adult has been heavily associated with steamy sex scenes, do you think tagging a book in the LDS fiction market as "New Adult" would be a mistake? Or just an opportunity to expand the idea of what New Adult is?

All thoughts and comments welcome.


  1. Yeah, I think it's a problem and the reason is because with very few exceptions, young adult, which is a booming genre elsewhere, does poorly in the LDS market. At least, the non-speculative LDS-specific stuff does. NA is even more specific. I don't think there's a great understanding of what NA is on the publisher's side in LDS fiction either. I could do a whole blog post on why The List and The Orchard aren't NA (although The List comes a little closer to the mark) but I'll spare you. :-) Anyway, I have a head cold and I feel muzzy, but I'd say the problem with tagging something NA isn't in the sexy times connotations as much as it is in that even in the national market, there's no consensus about how to brand or sell it. That will be worse in the LDS market, I think. However, I think there is VERY much room for those kind of stories. I think we can just tell them without making it a thing. You know what? Talk to me at a conference. My head will probably be working better and I can explain it then. I think.

    1. I totally will -- I've been mulling over this one for awhile and I'd love to chat in person about it :)

  2. I write New Adult clean fiction. I personally hope this genre grows a lot. I predominantly read YA because I'm tired of the smut in adult fiction, and YA seems to have less. But frankly, I get tired of reading about teenagers. I have three teens at home, and that's more than plenty for me. So I would LOVE to see the NA genre grow on the clean side of things.

    1. I would just like to see NA grow, period. It seems very narrow to me at the moment, and I feel like I have read a LOT of it.