Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the internet community

Sometimes I get frustrated that my job requires me to keep a lot of things to myself. Not just lawyer-style secrets, but thoughts and opinions that I normally wouldn't think twice about sharing.

Intellectually, I know that my job is worth it. Not just financially (because for reals, the finances do not even factor in, given my sad little paycheck), but because I love my job. And part of my job involves remaining a cypher on certain issues in person and on social media -- a fact which I understand and accept.

But every once in awhile, I would like to have a grand freakout (or celebration, as the case may be) with the rest of you.

On to other topics --

1. Have any of you seen the series premiere of Under the Dome? I think it looks pretty solid, but I give the side eye to anyone who was ever involved with Lost, so I guess the jury is still out.

2. If I were to do another giveaway, what types of prizes would you all most prefer? Gift cards? Books? Critiques? I mean, that's all I've really got for ideas, so any thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated.

3. Super excited to see Much Ado About Nothing.

4. I might be a little too wired this morning. Red Bull!


  1. Going to Much Ado About Nothing Friday. I plan to watch Nathan Fillion with a very critical eye as I played Dogberry in High School.

    Isn't Under the Dome the live action version of The Simpson's Movie?

    Red Bull is a heavenly nectar that was sent to keep those of us with TV addictions and high stress jobs alive.

  2. Also excited about Much Ado. But I watched Under the Dome until the cow was sliced in half and I was all kthxbai!

  3. I loved Lost, it's still one of my fave shows of all time. I haven't watched Under The Dome, mostly because it's not something that really piqued my interest. I can't wait to see Much Ado About Nothing!

  4. I loved the premiere of Under the Dome. I think it's going to be a good one.