Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am equally Jewish and Mormon, but way more Quaker with a pinch of Baha'i

I took a religion test tonight.  Answer twenty questions about your personal beliefs and how important they are to you, and Internet will tell you which religion you are (or ought to be).

In case you were wondering, I am:

100% Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestant
84% Liberal Quaker
82% Unitarian Universalism
75% Baha'i
72% Orthodox Quaker
70% TIE: Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism
66% TIE: Reform Judiasm and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)

Also fun?  The fact that I am more Scientologist (51%) than Roman Catholic (42%).  Really would not have guessed that one.


  1. SUPER interesting! Thanks for posting the link. I'm 100% Mormon apparently. And a close second to mainline/liberal Christian Protestant. But who know that I was 80 percent Jehova's Witness and Baha'i?

  2. Weird! I'm totally going to try this test. What the heck is Baha'i anyways? Off to google it... :D

  3. I remember taking this a while ago; I remember being 100% Mormon, but I don't remember anything else that came up. Maybe I should go see what the internet thinks I should be.

  4. Well, that was awesome, and the results are awkward. Apparently I'm 100% Reformed Jew and only 65% Mormon? What? How does that work if you were tied on those two? And most importantly, how am I more NEO-PAGAN than Mormon?? And why were there no Jesus questions?

    In any event, that was awesome.