Monday, April 27, 2015

Interview: How to Utilize Social Media with Kristen Jolley

Hey y'all! Next up on the blog interview series is the lovely Kristen Jolley. Kristen and I have been friends for over ten years (yikes ... feel old yet, Kristen?) and she is the queen of social media. Kristen majored in Communication and has worked for both advertising firms, in-house, and freelance. Right now Kristen is focusing her efforts on marketing The Fix, a brand new business in Utah, via social media.

Q: What do you think is the most effective social media strategy for someone who doesn't have a lot of time?

Answer: Schedule your posts out over a two week period. Then you're not racking your brain and coming up with irrelevant posts. Be original, especially on Instagram. Your feed does not need to look like anyone else's.

Q: What are the benefits of having someone else handle your social media?

A: Chances are if you're asking for help, it's because you're admitting you're not an expert at something, which is okay. That person can make recommendations for advertising campaigns and "spends" so your money is allocated properly and not blindly.

Q: What do you think is an INEFFECTIVE social media strategy?

A: Unoriginal posts, aggressive posts, defensive posts, failing to proofread, and ignoring when your followers reach out to you.

Q: If you could give someone fifteen free minutes of your time, what would you tell them?

Social media has become necessary and integral to all brands.

One of the hardest parts of a social media manager or social media department is that anyone who has a Facebook account thinks they are an expert at social media, and maybe (just maybe) thinks they can do your job better than you. Some argue there is no wrong way to handle social media, whether professionally or personally, and that is drastically far from the truth. If I had to write a list of basic social media tips, they would be:

1. Find your social voice. Are you snarky? Do you use winks and exclamation points? Do you challenge followers to think or use their imaginations? Your posts are an extension of your brand, follow your brand to find your social media voice and then stick to it.

2. Have good manners. Social media provides real-time voice from you to your followers and vice versa. If they have taken the time to ask you a question, congratulate you, complain, or just say hello--acknowledge them! Whether that's a simple "like" or "favorite" or a comment or reply, it will not go unnoticed.

3. Experiment. While I believe there is a wrong way to effectively manage your social media voice, I don't necessarily think there is a right way. Finding out what works for you will take some experimentation, possibly a few failed posts, and slow growth. One thing I have found that works is not linking all your media accounts. For example, if I post something to an Instagram page, it does not automatically post to Twitter or Facebook as well. Rather, post the follow up on a different forum 6-24 hours later, as it serves as a reminder to read a blog post, enter a contest, etc.

4. Don't get too caught up in followers. New followers are great and we all love them, but what's more important is the interaction among the followers that you do have. I'll often come across an Instagram account with 1,500 followers. They will average 75-100 likes per post and a good dozen-two dozen comments. I will find a similar account with 7,000 followers and the exact same interaction. Did that account purchase followers? Maybe.

4B. To follow up on my 4th point, Make posts that encourage interaction. Ask followers to comment with their favorite top from your new spring collection. Ask them what they thought of last night's episode of the show that everyone's watching. Going out of town? Ask for restaurant recommendations. These posts are far more encouraging than, "Go read my new blog post."

5. Proof. Always, always proof your posts! Thankfully Facebook and Instagram now allow edits to posts now, which saves hassle from that little typo that slipped through. But surprisingly, I see bloggers and news sources make more mistakes than any other groups!

Thanks Kristen!

Guys, if you guys have any questions for Kristen, leave them in the comments and I will pass them along!

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