Thursday, October 25, 2012


Leave a comment and name five things that are awesome!

I'll go first:

1. Nashville: I already knew Connie Britton was the bomb. Who knew Hayden Panetierre was, too?

2. Real hot chocolate: Want the recipe? Of course you do.

6 cups milk
1.5 cups cream
1 can (14 oz) non-fat sweetened condensed milk
1 package of Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat in crock pot on low until all chocolate chips are melted, about two hours. OF COURSE it's not good for you. Did you have to ask?

3. Rawhides!: They keep a puppy entertained for hours.

What up

4. Grooveshark: I don't know how it isn't illegal, but thank goodness it exists. I've been making many poor financial decisions lately involving iTunes and Ann Taylor Loft.

5. Internet. Because, well, everything.

Hope your Thursday is going swimmingly.


  1. I also love Grooveshark.

    My list:

    1. Electric blankets.
    2. Sales on cute dresses.
    3. Having a DVR (yay no commercials in The Good Wife).
    4. Stuff at work turning out better than you think it will.
    5. Cats.

  2. 1. indoor plumbing
    2. my kids
    3. Dove chocolate bars
    4. Once Upon A Time
    5. free balloons.

  3. 1. My puppy I got yesterday.
    2. My editor.
    3. My family.
    4. Living in a barn.
    5. Swinging after dark. (On a swing set)

  4. 1. My dog.
    2. Downton Abbey.
    3. November 7th (day after the election; I will be able to watch TV again).
    4. Mid-June (end of the school year).
    5. Coming home from work after my housekeeper has dropped in for a couple of hours.

  5. 1. Revolution (New TV show I'm really into. I will have to check out Nashville)
    2. Soccer
    3. Writing
    4. Chocolate
    5. My dog

  6. The Santa Ana winds ruined my hot chocolate plans for this weekend. Sigh.

    1. The Walking Dead and TV in general.
    2. My bunny.
    3. Free movie screenings.
    4. Halloween candy.
    5. Friday afternoon.