Wednesday, July 11, 2012

just another day in the life

8:00 AM through 2:00 PM: Save democracy.

2:00 PM: Rabidly devour cold leftover pizza in the solitude of the cafeteria, nearly choking to death on Diet Coke in haste to replenish energy sources.

2:15 PM: Clerical work.

3:00 PM: Leaving work early to pack for Destination Wedding: Part 2.

3:15 PM: Pedicure. A girl can't sustain herself on altruism and cold pizza, after all.

4:00 PM: Hrrmm. That pizza isn't sitting well. More Diet Coke!

4:30 PM: Sign paperwork on mortgage refinance.

5:00 PM: Purchase cousin's baby shower gift. (Congrats, cousin!)

5:30 PM: Start additional load of laundry because I spilled olive oil on my best shorts last night.

6:00 PM: Quality roommate + Spencer time.

6:15 PM: Finish packing.

7:30 PM: Leave for Casa de mi Padre, so he can drive me to the airport in the morning.

8:00 PM: Realize I left critical vacation ingredient at home. Attempt to be Zen about it.

8:30 PM: Wish I was bringing Spence to Destination Wedding: Part 2.

8:45 PM: Watch TV.

10:30 PM: Go to bed.

1:00 AM: Wake up in panic, realize something is left undone at work.

5:00 AM: Wake up in panic, think flight has been missed.

6:30 AM: Wake up, secretly pleased I will not have to take Spence out for his early morning pee. (Thanks for watching him, Hannah and Diego!)


  1. That is a jam-packed day! And have fun at the destination wedding!

  2. Have fun at the Destination Wedding.

    I have learned to be Zen about traveling. I have learned that I always forget SOMETHING. Sometimes it is something easily replaced in most locales, like face wash or sunscreen. Sometimes it is harder, like the glasses I wear at night after I take out my contacts. *thumping into walls* So far, nothing I have left behind has proved more than annoying and/or disappointing.

  3. That 1am feeling? I can totally relate to that. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Nice hooks.

  4. I came for the hookers blog hop, but found this to be just as entertaining!