Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to get tickets to Book of Mormon musical

On my recent vacation, I had one goal (other than making it to Destination Wedding, naturally): go see Book of Mormon on Broadway.

Book of Mormon is sold out for the foreseeable future, so there are only a few options to see it. One, find tickets on a website like Stubhub. (Expensive). Two, enter the lottery. (Bad chances). Three, sit in the standing room only line.

Guess which one I picked.

The day before I left New York, my friend Josh and I sat out on the sidewalk in front of Eugene O'Neill theater starting at 11:30 AM to get a $27 ticket at 6:00 PM. We brought Kindles and iPods and periodically took turns going to the coffee shop around the corner to enjoy cushioned seats and air conditioning. We called a local Thai restaurant and they delivered lunch to us right there on the sidewalk.

In the end, it was totally worth it. So if you'd like to try it sometime, this is what I recommend.

1. We lined up on a Tuesday and were the second and third people in line when we showed up at 11:30 AM. But no one else showed up until around 2:00 PM and it was a steady trickle after that. If you're planning to try for standing room only tickets and it's a weekday or the weather is predicted to be bad, I would suspect you don't need to come as early as we did. But honestly? It was kind of fun, if a little smelly.

2. Bring lawn chairs. The people who showed up around 3:00 PM did that and I was insanely jealous. The theater was fine with it, they just checked the chairs at the coat check.

 By the by, the show was amazing. My favorite random detail? The Salt Lake City temple set included a Crown Burger sign. (Josh and I died, it was so perfect.)  My favorite moment? When I got slightly misty-eyed during "Tomorrow is a Latter Day." (Don't judge me, it was sweet.)

So good luck friends, and if you go, let me know if the lyrics to "Sal Tlay Ka Siti" (say it out loud) made you want to make your own hometown a better place where goat meat is plentiful and everyone is open-minded.


  1. So, I maybe won the lottery. Then didn't see the show. WHAT? I know.
    You see, I was off seeing "Once" while my sis and her fiancee waited in the standing room only line. My matinee got out just in time to go meet them and enter the lottery with them.
    Ten minutes later, they called my name when there was only one ticket left. So I gave it to my sis and her and her fiancee switched places at intermission. I already had tickets to "Ghost" that night. Yep, I skipped "BOM" to see "Ghost." Oy. GREAT show though.
    The funny thing is, every time we stood there for the lottery, the last name they called was a person from Utah - I wondered if they rigged that because the crowd wouldn't be mad if the last name called was a mormon. Interesting, no?

    1. That is funny how Utahns seem to always get picked for the show in your experience. I've never heard of Ghost, so I'd have picked BOM.

  2. I honestly haven't ever thought about whether I'd like to see this show or not. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now you've piqued my curiosity a bit.

  3. Nicely done! Your patience, perseverance, and ability to withstand long periods of time in the same place all paid off ;) I gotta see that show!

  4. ’ve been obsessively listening to the cast recording of the Book of Mormon musical. It’s fantastic, and I’m dying to see the show.

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