Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm a bad person with a cute dog

Yesterday, I was working at home when two kids knocked on my door. Claiming to be from the "inner city" (of where?), they were selling magazines to raise money for college and "learn about responsibility."

Despite this obvious appeal to my latent white guilt, I politely told them to move along.

What I wanted to do, however, was say, "You know this is a scam, right?"

Blogfriends, whenever a kid tries to sell you a magazine to earn points for a vacation, a charity, military families, or college, they are either (a) being exploited themselves or (b) the exploitee. Don't contribute to it. This scam has been around awhile, and frankly, I'm surprised they haven't realized that telling someone that they're from the "inner city" isn't an immediate tip off that this is baloney.

The kids you're seeing don't get paid. You don't even get the crappy magazines you've paid for. No vacations are taken, no college funds are started.

If you want to contribute to give someone a better life, donate to a scholarship fund or a homeless shelter or Big Brothers, Big Sisters, but don't hand a kid on your porch some money for a Cat Fancy.

I kind of regret not telling those kids that they were wasting their time in more ways than one, but I kind of like my home to be an Argument-Free Zone.

On a lighter note, Spence has a new trick. If you throw a ball, he'll bring it back, shove it into your hand so you can throw it again--but he starts growling as soon as you touch the ball so he can pretend to be big and tough. Say it with me folks: Awwww.

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  1. You aren't a bad person, and I completely agree. But I do think you did the right thing by not calling them out on their scam to their faces, because they might have egged your house or done something mean like that. I fully agree on giving time and money to a charity that is proven to help kids, like the ones you mentioned.