Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Financial goals

I have a hard time saving money unless I have some very clear cut spending goals in mind. (Saving for saving's sake? Preposterous!*)

New computer last Christmas? Check.

Vacation to Hawaii? Check.

These things I can accomplish because I know how much they cost, I know how much I need to deprive myself, and then I let my bank account kick some ass and take some names. I am a savings fiend when I know why I am saving.

But when I just think, "Man, I should just indescriminately save some money," well, that's when I find myself going out to eat too much and downloading books for my Kindle that are probably available at the library. In short, frugality for mere frugality's sake doesn't work and increases my pants size to boot.

Now I've got three new goals I'd like to share, in no particular order of importance.

1. Kitchen

Now, I love my little casa. I love the antique glass windows that don't retain heat in the winter and make it nearly impossible to keep my little brick bungalow cool in the summer. I love the crazy squeaky hardwood floors. I love the woodwork. I love that it came with an angel. I love the porch -- I feel like a Clampet in the very best possible way when I sit out there with my dog and read and sip a Diet Coke.

And I used to be faintly charmed by the kitchen, with its lack of counter space and bizarrely laid out cabinet design. I used to think the antique oven that burns everything in the middle and under cooks everything on the left, so basically you can cook a single row of cookies per cookie sheet and only if you line them up on the right side, was kind of quirky and fun. And who needs a dishwasher? Not the pioneers, that's for sure!

But now that I've lived in you one year, Dear Casa, I want to take a sledgehammer to your counter space, tear the cabinets out of your walls with my bare hands, and stick your linoleum flooring on pikes in the yard as a warning to all other kitchens: You burn one more damn cookie, I will burn you to the ground and sea salt the earth.

2. Pocket pig.
I don't think anything else needs to be said, am I right? I mean, it stretches out the EXACT SAME WAY as Spence when he's tuckered! Puppy-piggy soulmates, that's what this is.

3. Paris.
 You, the City of Lights. Me, Ru. Next spring. It's happening, dear Paris.

Because a girl can't live on new kitchens and the love of piglets alone.

* I know it isn't actually preposterous. I know it, and yet somehow, I find it impossible.


  1. Those are some fun things to save for! I'm the same way about saving. If there's a tangible goal, I can do it. Otherwise, it just ain't happening.

  2. Paris is a must. LOVE that place.

    And a pocket pig? Oh yes! haha

  3. Let's see... my savings not so much as a savings as it is a paying off... It's going well, but man is it hard to stay focused.

  4. Whatcha gonna do with the pocket pig while you're in Par-ee?

  5. Can I just say...I Would KILL for that mammoth amount of counter space! Holy mother...! I find it ironic (in a horrible-I-must-owe-serious-karma-debt way) that I as a professionally trained chef have a kitchen that has, and I kid you not, ONE counter that is three feet square. And two cupboards. Yup. I must have been Jack the Ripper.

    And I LOVE Paris. I will go back. And have the chocolate crepes before I die.

    1. Oh sheesh - I should clarify, the kitchen in that picture is NOT my kitchen. That's my wish kitchen.

  6. Great goals, and it'll definitely help to have written them down in a public space so we'll all be waiting to see when they are completed. Have you been to Paris before? I haven't, and I really want to go!

    1. I haven't, and you are totally invited! You seem like you'd be handy in a foreign country. :)