Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Noooooo!

Was that a vague enough blog post title?

Go see Cabin in The Woods.

Do not google it first.

Do not watch the trailer first.

Report back here with your findings.

If I find out you googled beforehand, I will greet you with this:

Adding this image might get me sued!


  1. I know nothing about the plot and I wish to know nothing before I see it. Joss Whedon is almost always better that way.

  2. I cannot wait to see this movie. Here's what I know about it: people compare it to Evil Dead 2. Funny and scary. Holy crap, this movie is MADE FOR ME.

    1. It's like 'Evil Dead 2'?!? Oh man, I have got to see this pronto.

    2. Also, that reminds me that I need to watch the 'Evil Dead' trilogy again sometime soon. And THAT reminds me to watch the 'Star Wars' trilogy. Oh man, this is snowballing...

  3. Scary movies give me day-mares. Still, if it's funny.... Hmmmm.

  4. I'd really love to see it, but I couldn't even find someone to go to The Hunger Games with me. I'll have to wait until it comes on DVD. :(

  5. Before this, I'd seen the trailer, but one of my buddies (a man with excellent taste in all things) said that 'Cabin in the Woods' is way better-ish than the trailer would indicate, so I still plan on seeing it.

  6. Saw it over the weekend. Loved it.

    "Am I on speakerphone again? Because that's just rude."