Friday, January 20, 2012

It's the final countdown

So friends, the time has come.

I don't talk about my real lawyerin job on here much -- hopefully ever, really.  But here's a tidbit of truth for you all: my busy season starts next week. 

Normally, I'd consider the possibility that I should probably spend less time engaging in my other projects -- writing, reading, attempting to train for that long-delayed half marathon, teaching my dog to play dead, engaging in some seriously whimsical baking -- but I actually kind of feel like 2012 is my year.

So instead of gently tapping the breaks over the coming months, we're going to be going full steam ahead. 

By the end of my busy season (circa April 1st), I will have:

- Written 20,000 words in my New Project.
- Taught Spence to play dead.  Or to come when called.  Whichever is easier and/or more useful.
- Posted three pictures of ADORABLE baked goods on this here site.
- Gone running twice a week, every week.  (Indoors counts, because my sojourn in Fake Austin  seriously impacted my born-and-bred Utah internal thermostat.  I am currently freezing whenever I step foot outdoors and there's the slightest nip in the air.)

So that's it, friends.  My new quarterly goals. 

To celebrate with me, go download the new Fictionist CD on iTunes while it's a measly $4.99. I know I'm seriously late to this party (literally dozens of people have recommended them to me over the last year or so), but I finally jumped on the bandwagon this week.

And guess what? They are as awesome as I was led to believe. So go forth and enjoy.


  1. Hmmm....I've heard of the Fictionist from several people. Off to check it out...

  2. I've never heard of Fictionist. I'm thinking it's time to put my fingers in my ears and go lalalalala! 'Cause heaven knows I have plenty to obsess over already!

    I fully support your goals. NEVER let your day-job be your whole life.

  3. Those are great goals.

    (I totally think teaching Spence to play dead is way more useful. Or at least way cuter.)

    And okay, fine. I'll finally listen to everyone and download the Fictionist CD too.

  4. Ooh sounds like you're going to have a busy quarter. Best of luck withh achieving your goals!