Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Am I the only one Zen around here?

Hypothetically, if Diego, Hannah, my brother Charlie, and all our friends were to dress up as characters from The Walking Dead on Halloween when kiddies come the Casa to collect their treats, do you think anyone would get it? Or would we look like a bunch of sweaty Southerners who happen to be friends with a sheriff?

Keep in mind, I'm fairly sure we could scrounge together two cop outfits, a fabulous white trash hunter ensemble for Daryl, an old man hat, and buckets of fake blood.

As a sidenote, any other Walking Dead/Breaking Bad fans notice that Merle Dixon has blue crystal meth in his pack?  It's good to know that Walter White's business venture spread from New Mexico to Georgia before the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


Speaking of Halloween, go visit my little sis's blog HERE and commiserate about she might not be able to use the best costume ever next Monday. Poor sis, I wish I could have given you more advice on how to dodge civic duty.


  1. I don't know if any of the kids would get it, but maybe some of the parents. I would think it awesome! Neat little bit of trivia there too.

  2. "Or would we look like a bunch of sweaty Southerners who happen to be friends with a sheriff?"

    Too funny - you all should definitely do it!

  3. I really wanted to go as the cast of Community one year, but alas my friends weren't cool enough.

    That said, if you need someone to be Darrel or Shane I am in. It would also help if provided context by having at least one zombie.

  4. Hmmm...they probably wouldn't get it but you'd have a heckuva time laughing at the interesting faces from the trick-or-treaters.