Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some updates

1. The house training is going moderately well.  Only three accidents this week.  However, it is unclear whether this success is due to me training Spence or Spence training me.  Either way, he's a damn smart dog.

2. Speaking of SpencerPants, I have come to work looking like a hobo pretty much every morning since I got him since it's surprisingly hard to get ready in the mornings with a puppy running around your ankles, and I have found I have a total inability to leave him to cry in the bathroom for more than 5 seconds. 

(I know, I know ... he's going to be the most spoiled dog ever.  I'm going to get it under control any day now, I promise.)

One reason why I think having a baby is easier than having a puppy - lack of mobility.  Baby lies on your bed like a blob, Spencer is three months old and has already figured out how to escape the baby play pen.  (How did he do it?  That's what I'd like to know.  Technically he can only jump high enough to get his head and front paws above the edge of the pen, and yet when I went to take him out on Tuesday morning, where did I find him?  Jumping up and down on my couch.  Pretty sure every jump said, "I did it!  I did it!") 

(Don't get out your pitchforks, blogging moms.  I'm sure the difficulty trend reverses for puppies versus toddlers.  Yada yada, best job in the world.)

3. The writing isn't going so well at the moment, but the reading is going delightfully.  Even though my house is still a bit of a shit storm (see above: difficulty maintaining basic life functions while caring for small dog) my porch is like a little island refuge, and Game of Thones and my Kindle been doing me right.

4. Speaking of the house friend, does any one have some brilliant backyard remodeling tips?
Oh hey, my little patch of earth.  How do we get you looking less ratty?

5. Finally, can we start an association for the proper usage of the word "hypocrite"?  I'm a big fan of clarity in the English language and it seems to me hypocrite means (and I googled for this, people) someone who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion or who acts in contradiction of his or her stated beliefs or opinions. 

Someone who doesn't act how you think they ought to act is not a hypocrite.  Similarly, someone who openly shares some potentially contradictory thoughts is not a hypocrite.  Finally, someone you just don't like for some reason is not a hypocrite.

But someone who has one set of rules for him or herself and another set for everyone else IS a hypocrite.

Here's an analogy for those of you who are experiential learners:

Anthony Weiner sent a cock shot to some girl who was not his wife, then lied (really pathetically) about it.  That makes him a d-bag, not a hypocrite.

Larry Craig took many anti-gay political positions throughout his career, and then was discovered trolling for gay sex in an airport bathroom.  Hypocrite. 

Vocabulary lesson over. 


  1. more reasons puppies (in the first few months) are easier than babies (in the first few months): babies get to wear diapers and babies don't have pointy mouth daggers. i can't tell you how many times i had to refrain from saying things like this to my relief society "friends."

  2. I won't go all "mommy blogger" on you because I have an 11 year old dog that thinks he is a six month old puppy. At 120 lbs it makes it a bit tough - but he is such a sweetheart it is hard to get to mad at him. I also find raising five kids a heck of lot easier then corralling Scooby.

    He isn't spoiled - he is just a great big goofball. We rescued him when he was almost 8 and he came with the habits. Some were easy to re-teach or over look - but I wouldn't give him up for the world.

    They do sell nets for over the top of play pens. I never had a play pen and don't understand the concept of the nets for kids, but sounds like an awesome idea for your lil' Einstein.

  3. I hate people who don't know the true meaning of words. If nothing else, there's a damn app for that.

  4. aw puppy training how adorable i keep thinking of getting a puppy then i remember having neices and nephews and think maybe not..haha

  5. Sandy - it's tough, right? But I kind of want to shout it from the rooftops.

    Skippy - good call, I'll look into that

    BN - LET'S GET T-SHIRTS! "Proper vocabulary: There's an app for that."

    Becca - the bonus of a puppy over a niece or nephew though, is while they may poop on your kitchen floor, they never do it out of spite.

  6. Babies are easier than puppies. I've even heard my friends say it.

    that said, puppies you can train. Babies, not so much. Also? It takes a few months to potty train a puppy. A baby takes years.

    See? Puppies win everytime.

  7. I have, however, had a dog pee on me for spite. But he wasn't actually a puppy.