Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I loved about my job

1. The day our 13-month doc review ended (I participated in 11 of those months), Sam brought in a cake decorated with our client's corporate logo and played "The Final Countdown" on his iPhone.

2. The day of the Great Meltdown 2010, Karen took me to lunch and let me bitch about my life for an hour and a half.

3. The day we put on our Big Pro Bono Project, Sam, Karen, Molly, Evan and I spent all day emailing each other jokes about someone from a different firm who had put herself in charge.  (Perhaps more about that one someday.)

4. Shopping with Molly and Karen for Sub for Santa.

5. Writing a section of a reply brief to support a motion for summary judgment.  When my partner had to argue that section before the court, she looked at the judge and said, "We're going to rest on our briefing."  And we totally won.

6. Spending my time in the doc review room, listening to Christmas music starting December 1.

7.  The day that Carl ruined Karen's Pandora playlist by secretly adding Insane Clown Posse as a "bands like this" option to her John Mayer station.

8.  Arguing about the emails we were reading with my fellow doc reviewers--not especially the ones that built our case, but the personal ones our client's employees would send out on their work accounts.

9. That Carl got Sam a can of Four Loko for Christmas.  Sam said he felt like Ralphie on a Christmas Story

10. Then when I got back to work after my vacation, I found a can of Four Loko on my desk as well.  Turns out Carl was able to procure at least three cans of banned alcoholic energy drink for me, Sam and Karen.  (Tagline: Blackout in a can!!) A true Christmas miracle.

11. Dog Fort comics.  The Oatmeal.  Hyperbole and a Half.  Thanks for the head's up, coworkers.

12. Tuesday lunches.

13. The practice group I was assigned to.  On my first day, I sent my law school friends a panicked text saying, "I've been assigned to XXXX!"  It turns out that was the best thing about my job.

14. When the managing partner forgot about me and Sam at the firm Christmas party, and Karen immediately turned to us and said, "You guys got screwed!"  Trust me, it was funny.

15. Complaining about church with Molly. Discussing shoes with Molly and Karen.  Complaining about hipsters with Sam and Carl.

16. Playing "Dead or Not Dead?" One day in the doc review room, we were discussing the Queen Mum and trying to figure out how old she was at this point. Five of us were convinced she had to be at least 110 before someone googled it and found out she died in 2002. This led to a glorious game where we'd name someone and try to guess whether they were still alive. (Mr. Belvedere, if you were wondering, is dead.)

17. Basically, any discussion that occurred down in the doc review room.

18. Designing "Let's soak 'em for Crutchy!" t-shirts in honor of Newsies.  Also, debating the many merits of Newsies.  (That they aren't self-evident is still kind of shocking to me.)

19.  All the great people I worked with.

20.  The fact that my supervising partner gave me a hug when I quit today.

I think a job is a bit like a childhood.  If it was mostly happy, then you'll only remember the happy parts when it's over. 


  1. If this helps Newsies at all, it is probably Disney's most historically accurate movie. Now coming from the people who made Pocahontas, I know it's not much. But still...

  2. I have a boatload of kids and I do not know this phenomenon that is Newsies of which you speak. :D Sounds like a must see movie.

    I am still laughing about number 16. What a great game. And thanks for the heads up on Mr. Belevedere. The fact that I know his real name without googling is disturbing me a bit.

    Congrats on a job well done! Happy day. Did you really quit tho'? What will you do now? Did I miss something? [My memory is not so good these days, sorry.]

  3. Skippy Mom - I did really quit. I got a great opportunity to move to a different position that I most likely will not be talking about much online. (Sad trombone.) It was a tough call but I think it was the right one.

  4. Ru that is fabulous. I am so happy for you. I will miss post about the doc room and this job, but you could be entertaining dusting your furniture. So, no fear! :)

    I do have to tell you tho' I am mad at you. Yep - I watched "The Bachelor" last night because your post the other day so enticed me. That show made me feel [more] stupid. heehee Thanks A LOT!