Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Hannah

Hula Buns, over at The Binderclips and Hula Buns Chronicles nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award.  I am pretty delighted with this, since Hula Buns is awesome (as evidenced by her amusing stories, and the fact that she and Binderclips were moving 500+ miles at the same time I was moving 500+ miles, which is just instafriendship right there) and because somehow I am considered "stylish" without ever once posting a picture of my shoes, sassy headband-hat or "vintage" (meaning "vintage-looking") skirt.

(Wait!  There's still time!  Should I run to my closet and try to find some clothes I can take pictures of?
Nah.  I think it's more of a metaphorically Stylish Blogger, in my case.)

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.  (Done and done.)
  • Share seven things about yourself.  (See below.)
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.  (Will do.)
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.  (Ehh ...)

I am extremely unlikely to actually win this award, since I won't actually contact these people to let them know I am nominating them and that is one of the requirements.  But since I have a long-standing opposition to contests in all shapes and forms (seriously), I am ok with that.

But here are the seven things about me:

1. I have a serious phobia of injury to little body parts.  Fingers, toes, teeth and ears are pretty much the top of the list.  I would rather be stabbed in the leg than break a pinky.  (If you share this phobia, do not go see Black Swan, no matter how many people gush to you about Natalie Portman.)  Whenever I go up or down stairs, I make sure I am holding onto a railing or another person, and I have a long-standing aversion to curbs (thank you, American History X) because even though I am not particularly prone to tripping, I think that would probably be the place where I'd do it.

2. For the same reasons listed above, I often stop to change into more sensible shoes when I leave my house in the mornings because if I am ever hit by a car, I would rather be wearing sneakers than flip flops when it happens.  Also, I am kinda-seriously-concerned about a potential zombie apocalypse, and sneakers are obviously better for running away from situations.

And yet I still don't have any food storage.

3. Ditto all the above?  I am not a gun fan.  I am not scared of guns and I don't dislike guns.  I grew up around guns and I feel OK about them.  I just don't think they will ever be particularly useful to me since I don't hunt, and if I ever were in a life-or-death situation, I think I would be happier wielding pepper spray, eye-gouging with car keys, or just plain hiding/running away.  (My aunt has also suggested that my dog search be expanded to cover the pit bull breed, since even though I live in an extremely gentrified section of New Denver, it's a scary world for people with lady parts.)  (I am actually not scared of that at all.)  The likelihood of something going wrong with pepper spray or car keys is just so much lower than with a gun.  (Pit bulls?  Maybe higher.)

EXCEPT when I think about the potential zombie apocalypse.  And then I kind of want a gun.

4. Medical situations in movies freak the hell out of me, particularly if they are old-timey.  Nineteenth century lobotomies are so much scarier than guys with chainsaws.  Don't get me started on the boob-ectomy in John Adams.  

5. I do not like ice in my drinks.  At all.

6. I am a lawyer girl,  but like many lawyer girls, I would rather be a writer girl.  Or at least a lawyer-writer-girl.  With a CTS Coupe.  (What?  I don't want to be a poor lawyer-writer-girl.)  (Yes, I know the CTS-V is the "better" model.  I have my reasons.)

7. My biggest fear is working at WalMart when I am old.  Combine that with the fact that I don't believe Social Security will last past my 35th birthday, and you have all the reasons why I am an obsessive saver now.  

And now, some new* fun blogs for you and me!

Law and the Multiverse:
Nerds apply real legal situations to comic books.  I really like the posts about the tort liability of minors with super powers, super hero privacy rights, and what "cruel and unusual punishment" means when you're dealing with someone who is immortal.  (Go ahead.  Judge me.)

Kiersten Writes:
Kiersten White is the author of Paranormalcy, which was the, and her blog is full of sassy and helpful advice for potential writers.

A Hick in California:
My cousin Kate's blog, which would still be amazing if it only consisted of the Michael Keaton in her coffee shop story.  Echo and I told that story at a party two nights ago, matter-o-fact.

Kris and Rex:
This time, I'm linking directly to a blog post just because it's so great - I didn't know there was an Engineer Barbie, did you?  Thanks, Kris.

Bitter Lawyer:
My first week at my old firm, my secretary sent me the link to Bitter Lawyer.

That really says it all.

Normally it bugs me when blogs are all BAM!  DESIGN!  But this blog is really cute without making me want to vomit up puppies and rainbows.  Also she works at my old place of employ, and you gotta represent.

Hrrrm, number 7 ... how to pick my last spot?  Basically, you see the blogs over there? ----------------------->  And a little up?  (OK, a LOT up, sorry this post was so long.)  Yes, right there.  ALL of those blogs are fun to read.  That's why I put them there.)

* New is being used really loosely in this sense, because most of these have been a part of my world for awhile now.  I am just sharing some fun things I like to read when I am wasting time in InternetLand.


  1. I didn't know you and Kate were cousins - no wonder I adore you both. :D

    Is there seriously a boob ectomy in John Admas. Wow. That would freak me out. ick.

  2. You are cracking me up!!! Loved this post. You're hilarious. I'll be back. :)