Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun times with grammar

A conversation at a party.  I have just run into a boy I know.

Me: Hey!  How are you doing?

Boy: Good.  (Holds up his beer.)  Really good, actually.

Me: Yeah, I was wondering about that.  What happened to being a good Mormon guy, mister?

Boy: Who told you I was that?

Me: (laughing) You did, those were your exact words!  "I'm a good Mormon guy."  I never asked, you offered that information.  

Boy:  Oh yeah. I meant I'm a good guy and a Mormon. Not a good Mormon. Good was modifying guy.

Me:  So I heard "good Mormon guy," but you meant, "good-comma-Mormon-guy."

Boy: Exactly.

Me: We'll, I've learned a valuable lesson about punctuation today.

Boy: Let's toast!

Me: To what?

Boy: To punctuation!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. And... potentionally really disappointing. But definitely a funny punctuation story.

  2. Haha, yeah ... but only disappointing in the sense that I was weirded out he have ever wanted to clarify his "good Mormon" status in the first place when it wasn't the case. Because really, little old Ru here? Not picky on the MoMo front. (Slap my wrist, I know.) In fact, announcing, "Hey, I'm kinda Mormon, but I also like to booze it up!" would have won some honesty points from me, and honesty points are gold. :)

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Ahh, the power of punctuation.