Friday, October 15, 2010

Who likes a sad girl on the internet?

Answer: No one.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately ... things have been rough lately for me at work/at home/in my head, take your pick.  And when I am all focused on my problemos, I struggle to come up with amusing stories for my blog.  (Or, at least, appropriate amusing stories.  I mean, lots of things still happen to me on a daily basis that I find funny, but sometimes that's not a funny-ha-ha, and I don't want to bring the party down.)

Anywho, since I don't want to get out of my blogging habit while I'm Mayor of Mopetown, I decided to post some fun videos.

When I was a 3L, I helped our SBA officers to make some video advertisements for Barrister's Ball, which is kind of like a law school prom.  Here's the first one ... pretty sure I've got a creative credit on this one.


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