Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Impulse control

Some people have it.

Some people don't.

I bought Season 4 of a certain something that shall remain unnamed (for various reasons) when it was first released a few months ago for $40 because I couldn't wait to rewatch the apocalyptic goodness.  

Of course, had I waited, I could have gotten it for $16 from the Amazon DVD sale.

Sure, I had months of awesome watching ... but on principle, I want my $24 back.

Lack of impulse control is also why I am now looking at a dinner of butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, two containers of rice, and order of naan AND garlic naan.  Which yes, would feed as many people as it sounds.  Curse you, food court within walking distance!


  1. I wish I had medium impulse control. Most of the time I hem and haw and second guess myself, and end up missing out on something. So the next time I overcompensate and make a quick, stupid decision. Oh, for the happy medium.

  2. Okay, this is all my fault I admit it. But people are thinking I am no longer reading them and so I don't want them to read ME and COMMENT, and I DO! I AM still reading you and I will start commenting again I promise!

    I got into a bad rhythm when I started having so much computer problems, I started not commenting thinking most my comments were probably lame and not wanted, but i see that was a mistake and want to rectify that NOW. I am going to get back to my Comment-Whoring ways...that is Kristina's phrase remember that, LOL, and so come back to me my friends, I NEVER left you, I just got way too comfy with Google Reader and read you there!! I LOVE my bloggy friends!!